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Thank you for stopping by and sharing your spirit with us. My site is new and as I continue to build it up you’ll find lots of Spiritual, Mystical and Magical information throughout.

The “Intuitive Arts” are many, and here I’ll be sharing with you about Spiritual and Religious Philosophies. I believe there are many different Spiritual and Religious paths and each and every one of us chooses our own path to tread upon. At times we walk together, or cross paths, but the best is when we stop and take the time to share together. For me, sharing is knowledge and everyone should continue to seek knowledge all through their lives.

So regardless of your spirituality or religion our paths have crossed, let us share.

Among pages you will find information on a variety of the “Intuitive Arts”:
Sensitives, Intuitives, Psychics, Divination, Meditation, Self-Help, Spiritual Healing, Crystals, Stones, Drumming, Chanting, Ritual, suggested books, music, oracles and other tools to help you on your Journey of Enlightenment as we share in Spirit.

For those of you in my area, I offer a list of local spiritual events, classes, workshops, lectures, study groups, meditation and drumming circles and more.

Rev. Gail Dettmar
Paranormal Investigator

Divination Altar

Specializing in the
Magickal Art of Tarot
Crystals & Stones
Meditation & Spiritual Healing
Sacred Drumming

I wish you Magickal Blessings as you journey here with us.
Thank You.

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