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    My Witchy World

    Witch Ways “The Craft of the Wise” The world of the “Witch” is an enchanted world. It is being at one with the God/Goddess source and nature. Witchcraft is a religion, practiced by many, usually as a solitary, a person who works within their own energies and connects directly with the source. Others choose to work within a group known as a coven. This choice is the individual’s choice alone, to follow the path that feels right and works for them, all the while respecting life and nature. Witches do not proselytize (try to convert others to their religion), this is a religious choice of the individual as stated earlier.…

  • Rider-Waite Tarot Cards


    Some Background, My Teacher,And Pamela Coleman Smith For many, many years, I worked with the Tarot but continuously felt drained by it. I found I seemed to be giving people more negative readings than I was positive. So I worked more with the cards myself than doing readings for others. The problem was I wasn’t really listening to my inner self, I was reading by the “books”, meaning the booklets that come with the decks. After looking seriously at the books and pamphlets, I realized that a very large percentage of the meanings were dark or negative, giving disastrous results in a reading. You see, I had a grandmother that…